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Do you want an inexpensive holiday home in Spain? But don’t know where to start? We are here to help you.

What we offer you is dream to completion service. We will assist you in understanding and appreciating Spanish customs and geography.

What makes us different at Instahome is that we specialize in Andalusia: we live here, we know it fully, and we will guide you to knowledge of Andalusian life. We have an outstanding experience in this.

We will lead you every step of the way suggesting alternatives that fit your wishes. We will guide you through the complexity of Spanish real estate law and available financial services. We can show you anything from the most beautiful, to the least expensive, and everything in between.

Andalusia includes the magnificent towns of Sevilla, Granada, Cadiz, Cordoba and the beautiful coasts Costa del Sol and Costa del Luz. There are the incredible architectures of the Alcazar in Sevilla, and the Alhambra in Granada, to name only two.

We are happy to briefly introduce ourselves to any non-Spanish speaking who is thinking about moving to Spain, getting a holiday property, or simply investing in the country. The range of reasons is wide and so it is the range of difficulties.

INSTAHOME deals with the whole process as no one does, being Andalusia our main area. We are fully aware of the many issues coming up during all this adventure. Our aim is getting globally happy movings.

Buying property or living in Spain is possible for anyone. It starts with a project, but takes a succession of small steps that finally lead you to your goal. There may be many things you were not told about Spain. Maybe, the place you loved when you shortly visited is not that good all year round… Or just maybe you thought you could easily even your financial status, then you find the property you wanted and no one helps with financial guidance overseas, so your dream turns over in the end after spending thousands in the project.

Although, there is something of utmost importance not many people think about when planning to purchase a property in Spain: LANGUAGE AND CULTURE SHOCK. Everyday life issues that can turn our dream into a nightmare without the right guidance.

Preparing people to live in Spain, or simply understanding our culture and language have been our duty for over a decade.  If you already feel overwhelmed, we are your people.
INSTAHOME offers thorough and tailored aid in:
  INSTAHOME & GLOBAL LANGUAGE TRAINING join together to provide absolutely unique services in order you get the best advice and guidance on your behalf.
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